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Seeing IronMike's Winchester 1200 project gave me the courage to finally refinish my old Glenfield Model 60 Squirrel Stock. So here goes. Here's some before pictures, but I forgot to take them before running some 000 steel wool over the barrel and magazine tube, so a lot of the rust that was previously present is now barely noticeable.
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May 13, 2009 · Subject: refinishing a pipe Wed May 13, 2009 11:47 am I bought a beater pipe on ebay, i dont have alot invested about 18 dollars. Long story short it smoked horrible, and had what looked like polyurethane finish inside and out.
Between coats of polyurethane, examine the surface of the wood for imperfections in the finish. Sand the small bubbles and drip marks with fine grit Tung oil and polyurethane give a warm, natural finish. Some homeowners prefer painted or stained furniture and others enjoy letting the natural colors of the...
Anyone use the Birchwood Casey Genuine Gunstock Oil and how does it compare to TruOil. I have had nice results with Tru oil and just trying to figure out why and or whats different with this product. Website has little info.Gloss finish on rifle stock. Does anybody happen to know what is used to achieve the high gloss finish on a wooden rifle stocks? I have a Remington 742 with a high gloss finish, and the finish is so clear and bright that it looks like it is 12 inches thick. There is a scratch I would like to repair, but I don't know what the manufacturers use. Has anyone refinished a stock on a Rem 700m BDL? I have a LH 270 that I've had for years, love the gun but don't care for the shine. Thinking of replacing the polyurethane with a tung oil finish. Questions" what work to remove the varnish? Will the stain need to be redone or be okay after the varnish is removed?
There are people who swear by polyurethane, which does look great on pine, but I don't think it is suitable for gun stocks; each to their own. I made my final decision after I saw two shotguns refinished with Tru-Oil over Christmas, 2006 and really liked the results. Have you seen the multi-purpose primers offered in Shop-Line ® and Omni ® Refinish Systems? Shop-Line ® JP35x primer series and Omni ® MP80x primer series are multi-purpose urethane undercoats that can be mixed as a primer surfacer or primer sealer.
Gun Stock Refinishing Process How to Refinish Gun Stocks Disclaimer: If the gun you’re considering for refinishing is a collectible, please be advised that any alteration to the originality of the firearm, including refinishing the stock, may decrease the street value of its potential “collectible” status. Stock refinishing for shotguns, rifles, and handguns. We offer a full line of stock refinishing options which include: Stripping of old finish, sanding out imperfections, re staining (if necessary) and reapplying a protective finish of your choice
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